LED display for gas stations

The gas station information board is an obligatory element of any gas station complex. The price chart allows you to quickly inform customers about the cost of different types of fuel, and the integrated LED screen serves as a tool for demonstrating advertising, corporate, social and other videos. The LED display for the gas station allows you to display any text, graphic and video information. A comprehensive solution from our company allows you to choose the best model for refueling any format. You can limit yourself to an electronic display for gas stations, which will display fuel prices. Or you can order a board for a stella of gas stations with a screen that allows you to show various videos and earn extra profit by selling airtime.

Advantages of LED displays of gas stations
• Thanks to the use of LED-technology, the visibility of the information on the display is provided even in adverse weather conditions, during fog and at night.
• A wide range of operating temperatures allows you to buy a display for owners of gas stations from various regions. The equipment will work equally flawlessly in extreme heat, and during Siberian frosts.
• Information is displayed on the screen in a format familiar to drivers.

We offer complete LED solutions for gas stations. You can order a full range of equipment for gas stations, including:
• Digital fuel price displays;
• LED display for videos;
• Running lines and scoreboards for the cash zone;
• Scoreboard / thermometer for indoor and outdoor use.

Leave a request on the site, or contact the company manager directly. Our specialists will calculate the exact cost of the display for gas stations and answer all your questions about the maintenance and operation of the equipment.