3D hologram LED fan projector



A 3D (3D) fan or holographic fan is an ultra-modern product that allows you to create a three-dimensional image that impacts the clarity, depth and brightness of colors. This requires expensive components, complicated designs, as well as technologically complex installation and preparation, which takes a lot of time.
With the help of a compact device, you can get the appearance of a fan with a large number of LEDs on the blades.

3D fan
This device is equipped with a built-in microprocessor that sends specific signals at a certain time to each of the LEDs. The human eye blurs the image of the diodes on the frantically rotating blades. In the end, everything is perceived as a holistic picture hanging in the air.
Photo and video content can be sent to your device from a computer or smartphone. They can be both flat images and 3D models. Multiple devices can be networked.
3D fans are very economical (power up to 30W) and unpretentious, needing an outlet. In addition, they are very reliable.
The device can be fixed both on the wall and on the ceiling. The built-in memory allows you to save several gigabytes of information. Memory cards can also be used.
In the near future developers will attempt to teach the holographic fan to recognize faces and display them on the screen in real time and recreate the movement, which will make the holographic image interactive.
Holographic media is extremely beneficial and interesting in the field of creating outdoor advertising. Bright volumetric images promote the method, attracting much more attention than traditional advertising. They fascinate, impress and cause genuine interest. This expands brand popularity and growth in the implementation of a product.
An example of a hologram on a 3D fan
In addition to advertising, it is useful for displaying information in offices and clubs. Technical support for 3D fans
This unique device combines an intelligent platform and a block of views that create 3D objects floating in air. You can download any content in advance using specialized software through your personal computer or smartphone.
New technology allows you to manage projects in different cities and countries. For example, you can upload upload images to devices anywhere.
You can use several devices at the same time in one place, after synchronizing their work, you can create a larger, more complex and effective image.
Walls of several 3D fans
The issue of quality is important even for those who want to save. Our company is ready to offer not only the original equipment Hypervsn from Kino-mo, but also high-quality counterparts from the company DseeLab (China).
Three-dimensional fans from DseeLab are produced in three versions (100, 65 and 50 cm). We can ensure exceptional quality of goods.
Despite the ultra advanced technology and exclusive equipment, it is very reliable and durable. The company “Hologram”, if necessary, can provide services for technical support.