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LED Message Boards is a collection of devices that is used for advertising. These devices provide a round-the-clock opportunity to notify viewers and numerous observers about products that need to be advertised. With this technology, signboards can be equipped with spotlights and illuminated in the dark; however, these funds do not attract much attention as does the LED module with running text.


1. The principle of operation and scope

2. Types of a running line

3. Selection Criteria

4. Tips for placement and arrangement

5. How to Setup advertising equipment

How it works and where it applies

With such a display as LED Message Boards, the areas of application are not limited to advertising alone. Perfect examples include its use in banks today as well as at railway stations in order to provide specific information (e.g. about services offered, train schedules, etc.) It would interest you to know that some cafes also use these funds but they are primarily aimed at product adverts. As it would appear, the only condition for improving effectiveness of such funds is to properly choose their location. This should be a crowded site, otherwise the traffic generated and ultimately amount of views will be discrepantly low.

The specified text runs across the board at a certain frequency. You get to determine the number of characters that will be displayed and also independently set the cycle rate and speed of text repetitions. What you’ll often find in the market today are models with a maximum load of up to 60,000 characters.

In such devices, there is even a possibility of creating special custom effects. There’s a very modest external look to this―a board with running lines. The rectangular display can be of any size, and it serves as a platform for organizing the color rendition of the displayed text with varying height (60, 120, 352, 704 mm).

Alterations to the text on screen can be made via USB cable or the internet. You can work on a computer connected to the module either physically with a running line by means of a communication cable or remotely via Wi-Fi. The design of this setup is primarily based on LED light sources. The complete set includes the board itself, a communication cable, appropriate software, as well as an interface converter.

Pros of using LED Message Boards

Some of the benefits of this products include:

• Quick loading and updating of different amount of text

• Bright luminescence which allows viewing symbols at a distance of up to 200 m from the module

• Compact dimensions

• High efficiency. An advertisement or informational text displayed on such a design will definitely attract attention much faster than a simple shield or signboard.

Varieties of scoreboard

Primary classification of the scoreboards is based on the intended purpose or aim of use. On this basis, the following varieties exist:

• for use on the streets;

• for indoor installation;

• version created for connection in motor transport.

Models for the second class (internal installation) are easily recognized by the lack of protection from temperature extremes, moisture and undue contamination. The body of these such boards are usually made of plastic or aluminum material. The first option is much less common.

String for the visually impaired

Such devices are distinguished by a decreased brightness of the displayed text so as to achieve excellent operating conditions (people visiting a shopping center, bank or cafe should be able to see the characters without discomfort). However, the brightness level should be such that the board module can be seen from afar. The indoor installation versions are lightweight. What’s more, they do not heat up so much.

Monochronic or monochrome

The class of LED Message Boards used on the streets come in form of heavy boxes. The main body material is made of aluminum. The degree of protection of these models is much higher considering the fact that they are expected to operate under rather extreme conditions―dust, rainfall, and wind to name a few. Also important is the presence of anti-vandal protection which will help extend the service life of these devices.

You may find devices equipped with a plastic shell or even a visor. The operating temperature range of such devices is from -40 to +55 degrees. In order to avoid overheating, the board is usually equipped with ample internal ventilation.

Based on color version, there are also two types of similar modules―single-color and multi-color. The latter can be further divided into two: Two-color standard (RG) and Poly-colored (RGB). Monochrome modules are offered at a more affordable price compared to the other types. The display color of the symbols in this version is red. Their lower retail price is also due to the fact that these boards have limited capabilities with no special effects.

Two-color devices are more functional. In effect, they actually use three colors―red, green, yellow―because as a result of mixing the first two, you get yellow. In multi-color versions, there are blue, white, and orange color light sources in addition. They allow you to display images and flash animations.
Overview of parameters for selection
The modules for the scoreboard have a running line with an average lifespan of 5 years. Regardless of its rather long service life, it is expedient that you approach the subject of choice correctly right from the beginning. The main criteria to be considered when selecting LED Message Boards include:
• Dimensions of the device (This determines its placement on a pre-selected area.)
• LED color
• Additional features such as light sensors, humidity and temperature
• The method used to set the display text
The models for these LED scoreboards are chosen on the basis of dimensions, and not just because of their compliance with the selected area. Variation in sizes allows you to use text with different heights.
If it is necessary to obtain a large-sized board, then its design assumes the use of several modules. The standard size of one element is 32×16 cm (length and width, respectively).
The screen is usually colored black and the text color is determined by the type of LEDs used. In contrast to the simplified monochrome designs, full-color devices are used to display ads and as such have wider possibilities. For example, a multi-colored scoreboard allows you to control the shade of individual characters. You can highlight individual words with a unique color, which ultimately increases the effectiveness of advertising.
A variety of sensors make it possible to detect and display ambient air temperature, humidity levels and other prevalent climatic conditions. As a result of this, people passing by often pay attention to these display boards. In addition to USB, text can also be inputted via LAN cable, or Wi-Fi technology. The second option is a more convenient option if you’re unable to connect directly.
Placement rule
Advert boards are preferably installed in close proximity to shops so that potential visitors can quickly find the ad placements. Installation on the street will require cooperation with local authorities.
It is easier to setup these LED boards inside a store just at the window. An improper way of installing such devices is to set it way higher than the eye level, as this will make it difficult for viewers to see the board display screen.
Legal issues
Sometimes, there are controversial issues concerning the legal basis for the installation of such boards. However, if there is no advertising information in the board, you will have no problems with the installation. In such case, you’re only permitted to display your own brand logo and contact details. Always bear in mind that unauthorized installation of these LED boards may well lead to the imposure of a fine.
Connection and configuration
Each type of LED Message Board has its own specific method of connection. It is important that the power supplies are always located above the devices. Serial connection of elements is not recommended due to the risk of overheating due in times of overly increased current supply. You are advised to connect no more than 6 modules to one power supply unit.
All elements are marked with arrows which guides you in setting up the connection correctly. An important nuance is the installation of loops; this should be checked for polarity differences. Use a three-prong cable with grounding when connecting to a network of 110 V.
Setting up of a LED message board is carried out with varying degrees of complexity. Overall, it is usually determined by the type of software involved. Before you begin working on the computer, make sure the software is installed. This usually comes along with the delivered package. After that, it will be possible to view all the basic parameters that affect the appearance of the “running text” on display.
LED ad boards are not always customizable. In particularly difficult situations, for example, when it is necessary to create a media facade with images and several lines of “running text”, it is recommended that you put up official texts.
The software settings of these boards can be altered remotely. Thus, outdoor advertising today may well be dynamic. For this purpose, a special type of board based on LEDs is used.
The cost of acquiring a LED display board will vary depending on the model. Other factors that may influence the price include: device dimensions, screen resolution, color rendition, text height, the number of characters displayed simultaneously, and the memory capacity which determines the amount of text that can be added. All these parameters should be considered when making a purchase. In addition, you also need to consider the method of inputting data into the device’s memory. Usually, this is either via USB or LAN cable.

Our company is ready to implement any LED Message Boards projects in accordance with your requirements.

Take advantage of the summer program of discounts – call now and get a free quote!

Prices for full color starting at 999 CAD for the size 65 ” x 15” .

Call: 604 700 5873
Write: LedSignsBC@gmail.com