LED gobo logo light projectors



LED GOBO projector – an unusual and highly effective way to attract attention to your business, ideas, projects, products, etc. Designed for projecting text messages, images, logos, etc. The ability to change colors: red, yellow, blue and green. Rotate up and down 90 degrees, and also around the axis at 350 degrees. High brightness. Projection range from 6 – 18m (can reach 30m).What information can be reflected through the projector:

Company name, address, phone number, website and logo.

Photos of products or people.

Information about advertising campaigns, new products, events.

What is a street projector for advertising?

A gobo projector is a small LED device that projects an image of a GOBO slide onto any, preferably flat, surface, such as asphalt, a wall, a floor in a shopping center, etc. A GOBO is a thin disk made of tempered glass with an image printed on it; that is, a projector slide. The name comes from the position this disk occupies in relation to the light source: Goes Before Optics (GOBO), literally “in front of the optics”. Depending on the model, the projector can project one, three or six slides, and produces a rotating or static image.

The benefits of GOBO advertising:

Suitable for small budgets

Much cheaper than regular outdoor advertising, especially any high-tech, such as LED panels.


The effectiveness of classic outdoor advertising is not high. The reason for this is commonplace. No one pays attention because they‘ve seen it before. You can’t say the same about GOBO projection. Novelty, brightness, and the unusual attract attention!


The projected information is on the slide. To change the information, just change the slide. This makes it possible to carry out various promotions, sales, etc. quickly and with a small budget.

Does not affect building facades

It does not require the installation of bulky metal structures. The light spot does not affect the surface. It is enough to turn off the projector so that the facade of the building returns to its former appearance.


The GOBO projector itself is a liquid asset. It can always be redirected or transferred to another place, project another advertisement, replace the slide and even sell it.