Channel letters


Channel letters signs are one of the most spectacular and vivid methods outdoor signage manufacturers use in their work. Such outdoor signs attract attention day and night, always keeping your company visible.


Volume letters with backlight elements installed are one of the most beautiful, universal and effective varieties of illuminated advertising. To illuminate such signs, we use a variety of elements such as LEDs, fluorescent lamps, neon. The most reliable internal backlight is considered a diode. 3D letters with such a filling are reliable, durable and consume relatively little electricity.


If you want people to notice you and distinguish you from the mass of signs, then the construction of 3D letters with light elements is what you need! Most often, channel letters with backlighting are an external box, with a backlight design and a front panel made of transparent or translucent plastic mounted on the back wall to transmit the glow. Sometimes light elements are installed on the front while the back wall is made transparent so that the reflected glow on the wall is visible. This technique is called back shades and always looks amazing!


Metal channel letters are made both voluminous and flat. The font thickness should be such that it can be installed inside the light elements, be it neon tubes or an LED module. Metal 3D letters look expensive and very stylish. Technologies allow them to be made with a “steel”, “blued”, “hammer”, “silver” or “golden” appearance. At your request, our company can color the letters of the signs in any given color. This type of outdoor advertising is very durable and emphasizes the status of its owner.


Volumetric elements with LED glow can be the solution to your problem. Such advertising designs have the greatest number of advantages over similar lighting options. Benefits of LED Letters

Currently, LED volume letters are most popular in the field of advertising and business due their versatility of this design. Due to the backlight, these also work effectively day and night.

They have the following advantages:

• wear resistance;

• duration of operation;

• ergonomics;

• moisture resistance;

• 100% security;

• brightness of the glow;

• small size of light elements;

• low power consumption.

Material quality

In the manufacture of signs with LED backlighting, only high-quality materials are used. We guarantee the reliability of the product and its long-term operation in any weather conditions.

Characteristics of outdoor 3D letters with LEDs

Depending on the wishes of the client and the intended purpose of the signboard, different types of advertising structures can be designed. Our company will help to realize any, even the most complex, project or will develop an individual layout for future advertising for you.

The following designs are highlighted:

• signs with a running line;

• light boxes;

• LED screens

• electronic scoreboard;

• 3D letters with LEDs.

Each type of advertising structure is tailored to the needs of customers and is set depending on the intended purpose on the street, indoors or in transport.

Positive features of volumetric elements include:

• the ability to choose the size and type of font for each individual part of the sign;

• a chance to realize almost any design idea;

• design immune to adverse environmental factors (weather conditions, exhaust gases, temperature changes);

• convenience and ease of installation of the finished product;

• mobility of each individual element;

• an excellent complement to posters or signs and the ability to hide the imperfections of the building;

• minimum maintenance costs.

Although the price of outdoor LED volumetric letters is slightly higher than other advertising structures, such a solution pays off in the shortest possible time. A bright sign for an individual order will attract the attention of new visitors and make the company more in demand than ever. We are guided by the wishes of customers and help to choose an excellent advertising option based on the financial capabilities of the customer.

When is outdoor LED signage most often required?

• Compactness

• Heat resistance

• Low power consumption

LEDs are small in size, which allows them to be used even in the most compact designs. Due to its excellent resistance to aggressive environments and weather conditions, LED signs can be installed both outside the building and inside.

The advantages of manufacturing outdoor LED lchannel letters signwith our company

If you want to stand out from other establishments, use LED volumetric signs. Do not forget about the need to comply with the design rules for advertising. We guarantee our customers:

• quick production of an order;

• high-quality installation;

• high security LED design;

• use of modern technologies and equipment;

• high working capacity in any weather conditions;

• unpretentiousness in operation;

• durability of the finished product;

• low energy consumption (several times lower than that of an incandescent lamp);

• high brightness;

• the use of exclusively high quality materials;

• the brightness of the sign;

• individual design development.

Types of LED channel Letters

LED channel letters with front lighting or letter-face-lighting


Front Panel – 3mm Acrylic

Board – PVC plastic 3 mm

Back – 3-5mm PVC plastic

Super bright LEDs

Power Supply 12 V


This type of letters is characterized by increased strength and tightness, as they are made with whole-glued technology. The outer luminous part is made of milk acrylic, the color of which can be chosen due to the translucent film. The side is made of durable plastic and glued with a film. For the backlight, LEDs with the SMD 5730 chips are used, which differ in excess of brightness, wear resistance and economical energy consumption.

LED channel letters with backlighting: letter-contour-lighting


Front panel – PVC plastic 4 mm

Board – PVC plastic 3 mm

Back – acrylic 3 mm

Remote offsets

Super bright LEDs

Power Supply 12 V


Due to the indentation from the wall and backlighting, the effect of voluminous 3D letters soaring in the air with a backlight is created. The front panel is made of PVC plastic, and the back is made of acrylic. The long life is due to the LEDs with a powerful power supply and a new generation SMD 5730 chip. This backlight consumes three times less energy than neon, and lasts three times longer.

Channel letters with open LEDs: letter-lighting-diode


Front panel – PVC plastic 4 mm +

Open super bright diodes

Board – PVC plastic 3 mm

Back – 3-5mm PVC plastic

Power Supply 12 V


A distinctive feature of open volumetric letters with LEDs is profitability. Due to affordable prices for open diodes, they are three times cheaper and more economical than neon diodes. They do not lose their brightness even after 10,000 hours of continuous operation.