LED flexible video screens displays



As soon as flexible video screens are not called – radius, rounded, concave, curved, and so on. We know everything about led screens. If you are planning to buy flexible video screens, contact us immediately. With us you will find a solution for any of your tasks. We are pleased to offer video screens in the form of rings with an internal video surface, LED video lights, round screens, video columns and much more.

We advise buying flexible video screens for anyone interested in an effective marketing tool to attract the attention of potential buyers. You want to stimulate purchases? Are you interested in increasing your income as an advertiser?

Flexible video screens: description, purpose, advantages

In recent years, the demand for specific LED equipment has increased significantly. The fact is that flexible video screens are considered to be an exclusive solution. They are designed for the original organization of the video space, perfectly reproduce all sorts of images, including contextual and dynamic advertising. Our innovative solutions are suitable for equipping a wide variety of surfaces.

Most often, our led panels are ordered for shopping and entertainment centers. We offer to buy flexible video screens of the following options: video lights, video columns, video screens on curved surfaces and atria. The use of flexible LED modules is the best solution for those cases when the installation of conventional rigid LED modules is not possible due to too small radius and “sharp” bending of the surface as a result.

We offers to buy flexible video screens, which are characterized by:


image clarity;


brightness adjustment;

low power consumption;

a light weight;

quick installation;

trouble free maintenance;

mobility use.

The led screens we offer are of high quality, long service life (over 10 years), a wide choice of sizes, shapes and an economical cost. You can learn about other advantages and advantages from our managers. All consultations are provided free of charge.

Pay attention! Having decided to buy flexible video screens, you should know that the body of advertising modules is made of rubber, due to which it can bend in any direction. All components, circuits, connectors, switching are located directly on the rubber surface. There are several variants of modules according to the form: standard rectangular and elongated triangular (or in the form of trapezium), which are used to assemble LED video lights.

It is important to know:

Flexible screens can have different image resolutions based on the pixel pitch with which the module is used: p3, p4, p5 and p6.67. If you want the information to be perfectly viewed and read from a smaller distance, we recommend buying flexible video screens with a smaller pixel pitch.

Deciding to buy flexible video screens, you can only use them for interior solutions, since this equipment does not have a high level of dust and water (maximum IP 43). Our flexible led-screens are not designed to broadcast advertising information on the street, they are not able to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Buy flexible video screens is not enough. It is necessary to treat the equipment carefully. Despite the fact that the flexible module is designed for implementation on rounded surfaces and can be bent in different directions, led-panels are very fragile. Any impact with a foreign object or a too large bend angle can damage the equipment.

Modules of flexible video screens are fixed with magnets to a previously prepared frame. The main thing is that this frame should be made as accurately as possible, in order to avoid the formation of gaps between the modules on the screen canvas. Our master installers at your service. With their help, you will quickly resolve the issue associated with the installation of flexible screens, avoid any errors and errors, and accordingly, additional expenses. We are ready to work with any non-standard projects.

Due to the fact that today our company uses innovative technologies and high-quality affordable materials, the prices of our equipment are affordable. With us you can buy flexible video screens for cash and for non-cash payment.

The cost of LED equipment depends on the quality characteristics: the brightness of the module, the choice of diodes, chips and module components. Plus, the purpose of the equipment is taken into account (interior cost is cheaper than street ones, since they do not need a powerful case and additional protection from dust and moisture). We are ready to produce LED equipment for you that will fully meet your needs. Do not hesitate, we will find for you the best solution according to the available.