LED flexible neon light



What is LED flexible neon light? Design and Application

Let’s look at what LED flexible neon light is, in other words, a light cord with the effect of “neon” glow. LED flexible neon light is a bright, seamless cord that consists of a huge number of SMD diodes. The diodes are located on a thin and flexible board, and are closed in a silicone casing. Due to the high frequency of the diodes, and the special silicone composition available, they provide a bright, uniform glow along the entire length of the cord. This allows you to create luminous and very beautiful figures of any shape and any complexity.

This product is great for installing signboards, bars, nightclubs and restaurants, as well as for all types of outdoor lighting.

Flexible neon, very simple design, which has an LED strip in the shell, a pipe. The composition of the pipe is matte silicone or PVC. Neon distributes bright light along the entire length of the cable and absolutely over the entire surface of the diode. Neons glow in monochrome, and multicolored colors. During installation and further during operation, the materials of the neon signs are very elastic and do not overheat. The operating temperature of the diodes ranges from -40 to +50 degrees.

Our neon luminous cables are not expensive and the quality is excellent.

Currently, very popular advertising signs, and the names of shops and large shopping centers, carry out neon signs. LED flexible neon light emit very high quality light in all its colors. The main advantages of neons are their ability to save electricity. You get not only a beautiful and effective sign, but there is also the opportunity to save on the use of electricity.

The advantages of these installations include the following:
– reducing the cost of using electricity;
– provides a long life for these devices both inside and out;
– neon advertising signs are very reliable during installation and operation;
– the scope of neon signs is multifaceted.

The main role of neon signs is to attract the views of passing people. This is a good way to promote your business. As everyone knows, advertising is the engine of commerce. And if you consider that the advertising sign glows very beautifully, especially at night.

It is practically impossible not to notice such bright advertising installations from neon, they are very striking. This is the marketing move – attracting attention. Positive advertising results are a guarantee that the client is satisfied and it is possible to contact you again or advise your work to others.

Replacing obsolete LED flexible neon light.

We offer you the new flexible neon technology. Flexible neon, completely replaces obsolete technology while retaining the benefits of neon tubes. The advantages of flexible neon include the following:
• The effect of “neon glow.” The sign using “flexible LED neon” looks the most advantageous. Due to its flexibility, neon can be shaped into any complexity.
• Flexible neon signs have a wide selection of colors. Thanks to this, you can get a glow of almost any color.
• The ability to obtain light dynamic effects. For these neons, the degree of exposure is 360 degrees.

According to the method of execution, two types of LED flexible neon light are distinguished:
– the frontal version of the bend
– and the lateral version of the bend.
The front bending version, there are two sizes, with a thickness of 14 and 28 mm.
-neon with a thickness of 14 mm, has a semicircular shape. This allows you to scatter light sideways and forward. Due to this, the effect of the “neon” tube is maximally simulated. It can be freely bent at an angle of 90 degrees.
-neon with a thickness of 28 mm, made in a rectangular format. Its main direction of light goes only forward. This allows you to get a light line with clear edges. It can be bent to 15 degrees.

The color scheme of LED flexible neon light is diverse. We offer you the following available colors to order: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple (for the 14mm option). The length of the cord in the reel is 10m. for a variant with a thickness of 14mm, and 5m. for option 28mm.

The lateral version of the bend is also performed in two sizes: 8 and 11 mm thick. Both versions have a rounded dispersion shape. This allows you to distribute the light both forward and sideways, perfectly simulating the effect of the “neon” tube. A feature of this type is that they have the ability to deflect up to 300 degrees. This allows you to get almost any form. This helps designers to translate any ideas into reality.

With a lateral version of the bend, the following colors are available to order: red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink (for the 11mm option). The length of the cord in the reel is 5m.

The red and purple glows are supplied in a red and purple shell, which are resistant to ultraviolet radiation. All other products are made with a milky white shell.

One of the most popular advertising techniques currently is the use of neon. Throughout the world, over the years, the use of neon signs in advertising signs in both large and small objects has been actively used. They have become very popular in the world. They immediately catches the eye of any person, even children, at any distance. Due to its resistance to various atmospheric factors, neon signs can be easily installed both indoors and outdoors. Successfully used neon signs, both for outdoor and indoor use.

Factors affecting the quality and reliability of the installation of neon signs.
– design and shape of the tubes in the sign.
-burning tubes
– gas
– calculation and installation of signs

At air temperatures below 0 degrees, it is necessary to carry out the installation of neon signs using gas. Designers, during calculations and sketches, should work closely with installers who know better the work of installing neon signs. When installing neon in the cold, it is important to know:
– it is undesirable to use long neon threads and arrange them horizontally;
– use glass with a diameter of 15 mm or more;
– to increase the brightness and service life of neon signs, it is advisable to use colored EGL tubes with a phosphor, and white glass of the C.L. series.

These colors shine 60% brighter in cold weather, do not fade and do not age when used with a 60mA transformer. Neon fragments should be as short as possible, maximum 2.5m. For cold climates, EGL electrodes with a ceramic collar are most suitable. In order for the signboards to shine brightly in the cold season, it is necessary to use a 60mA transformer and cutting with a diameter of 15mm. Correctly selected transformer load is a guarantee of high-quality installation of signboards. To connect fragments from neon, it is necessary to use a high-voltage cable with high-quality silicone insulation. In work, only certified materials of world famous manufacturers should be used. All work on the installation of signage should be carried out in accordance with the standards. Inside mounted signage, there should be no accumulation of moisture that could damage the signage and equipment.

In rooms where there is little light, when the object or shop windows are far from light sources, our neon signs with LED flexible neon light will be very clearly visible. At night, neon signs glow especially beautifully and brightly. When lighting advertising signs in the daytime, it is necessary to take into account many factors that can affect its visibility. Properly selected advertising coverage affects a lot: attracting an audience, selling any type of product, buying, increasing demand for any product, service, increasing the image of a company, etc.

High-quality and bright neon advertising installation, sets up the population for a positive attitude to this type of product.

LED flexible neon lights are extremely effective for promoting goods and services, as well as for creating a positive image of the company in the head of potential customers. Neon signs are aesthetically beautiful, and due to their flexibility, they can change shape and become even more beautiful, and to cause admiration and delight among consumers, at the sight of beautiful advertising signs.