Neon bar signs


The sign for a bar involves the use of bright and innovative solutions. This is due to the level of competition, and to the mass of differences in style, focus, and price level. Perceived primarily as drinking establishments, bars vary in terms of:
• types of clientele – sports fans, bikers, karaoke lovers;
• types of drinks offered – strong, non-alcoholic, beer, wine, cocktail, coffee;
• types of cuisine offered – sushi, grill, pizza, dessert, fruit;
• Musical style – lounge, rock, disco.
All this should be clear to the visitor with one glance at the ’açade’s advertising, in which only the presence of the name and profile of activity is formally permissible. Correct positioning is often achieved by successfully selecting the type of sign for the bar. For establishments that serve sushi, light boxes or letters, stylized as a hieroglyphic letter, are appropriate.

A feature of such establishments is their work schedule. Bar doors are often open in the evening and at night, therefore, to attract the attention of casual passers-by, it is necessary to stand out from the general background of competitors. It is impossible to imagine achieving this without a bright luminous sign and a noticeable design at the entrance.

The popularity of the institution depends on several factors:
• quality of service;
• originality of the menu;
• stylish interior;
• recognition bar.
A colorful beckoning sign has a positive effect on passers-by. The more original the design, the more people will have the desire to go inside.

Varieties of signage for a bar
The level of popularity and recognition of a bar depends on the quality of outdoor advertising. A sign is a simple and effective way to make yourself known. A passerby needs only one look at the appearance of the structure to determine whether it is worth going inside. The sign must be original enough to interest potential customers. To create outdoor advertising, various types of designs can be used:
• light boxes (aka lightboxes);
• bracket panel;
• volumetric letters;
• solid glued volumetric elements;
• pixel letters
• milled boxes;
• signs with pseudo-volume;
• flat letters
• inlaid boxes.
Volumetric letters create a sense of three-dimensionality, and are suitable for designing a solid sign. Such elements can emphasize the status of a bar and reflect the features of its style. Light boxes are considered a more budget option. When creating them, the concept of the bar and its individual features are taken into account. For example, the surface of the structure may contain a characteristic image of the institution.

Backlight is a must
Such establishments work at a later time, so signs must stand out in the dark. Otherwise, the potential visitor will not notice the bar and pass by it. To solve this problem, the installation of a design backlight is required. If necessary, you can create a lighting effect. There are four types of backlight:
• backlight;
• front
• end;
• combined.
Highlighting will not only allow the bar to stand out in the dark, but will also add presentability to the establishment. The glow will help visitors find the entrance in bad weather, day or night.

Is backlight expensive?
The specialists of our company in the manufacture of signboards use special LEDs of various sizes. They are energy efficient and last for many years. LED lamps have a bright glow, while not irritating the eye. With them you also don’t need to worry about fire safety. With illumination, the price of a sign for a bar will increase, but along with this, the recognition and attendance of the institution will increase. In addition, LEDs consume a small amount of energy, so you do not have to overpay for electricity. Such advertising will pay off in the shortest possible time.

How to increase bar traffic?
All establishments have different features, a unique design and a unique menu. When creating advertising, it is important to take into account every detail and reflect it in the external design. It should look harmonious with the institution itself and interest passers-by.

If your bar has a mascot, reflect it in the sign by transferring the image to a vinyl film or by creating a separate volumetric element that complements the main part of the structure. If you want to come up with a talisman that characterizes your bar and attracts the attention of visitors, order its development with one of our professional designers.

Cafe and restaurant signs
If you want a stream of customers to pour into your cafe, and leave your competitors behind, we are ready to offer you the only effective way to advertise your services: LED signs for cafes and restaurants. Signs that glow with bright colors day and night will best attract the attention of even those who had no idea about your presence.

What is the feature of the luminous sign?

Advertising signs for restaurants and cafes will be most effective if they attract the attention of passers-by. The advantage of LED advertising is that it is visible from afar, and a person walking along the street will be able to distinguish your establishment from others. Such advertising is equally good for recognizable brands, as well as for small establishments. Particularly high efficiency is noted in areas of high traffic, where cafes and restaurants are located next to each other.

LED advertising appeared in the last century and is still the most effective. It’s all a matter of ordinary psychology – we usually switch in to radio or TV commercials and throw out flyers in the mailbox without looking. Luminous advertising attracts us with its uniqueness; it is not intrusive and can tell a lot about the establishment. According to statistics, it is thanks to LED advertising that the number of visitors to cafes, restaurants and bars increases by 25%.

What to pay attention to
You need to understand that a sign for a bar, cafe or restaurant should be thought out to the smallest detail. Pay attention to:
• the presence of a recognizable logo on the sign;
• the presence of a characteristic product (for example, a coffee cup or beer mug);
• the size should be combined with color and be noticeable from a distance.
It is recommended that such a sign be made voluminous and installed perpendicular to the entrance to the institution. Thus, a potential visitor will be able to notice you from any side of the street.

Turning to us, you can order any format, size and color of a luminous sign for a restaurant, cafe or your bar. We can also help with the design development. We guarantee excellent quality, the implementation of any of your ideas and wishes, and the execution of the order on time. We can make a sign according to your sketch, or you can order a model of the sign from us.

Types of signs for cafes:
• Signs are voluminous letters. This sign will be clearly visible from any distance, especially in the dark. A signboard is made from materials such as acrylic or polyvinyl chloride. Luminous letters are ideal for cafes with a budget.
• Lightbox, or light box, is one of the common designs for signage and advertising. The light box emits an even bright light, thanks to fluorescent or LED lamps. The material from which such signboards are made is acrylic or PVC.
• Neon sign for a cafe. These designs are suitable for any cafes, restaurants, bars. They are very effective and attractive. Such signs are made in a wide variety of designs and sizes.
• Composite signs. These designs are a stylish advertisement for any cafe or restaurant. The material for their production is an aluminum composite.