Round LED screen



Round LED screen


High-quality, interesting and dynamic commercials are the most effective engine of any business. To attract the attention of a potential audience, marketing specialists try to use original and innovative solutions to distinguish a particular company from competitors. LED monitors of various shapes and designs are a productive, modern, and very promising way to increase sales and the number of customers.

Our company offers ice planes for advertising, informational, entertainment, and other purposes. Our products have high quality performance and excellent technical and operational characteristics. You can get more detailed advice on all issues by calling our specialists.


Ice equipment of any configuration has a number of significant advantages:

High resolution display

Small case thickness

Light weight

Environmental friendliness and ergonomics

Unpretentiousness in service

The ability to install in the most inaccessible place

Low power consumption

Simple controls

Simple repair

Excellent picture quality.

In addition, giant architectural forms can be constructed from individual elements, including square, rectangular, triangular, polygonal, conical, oval or round shapes.

Design features

A round LED screen is an extraordinary solution where the use of such displays is justified. Such an ice device can become the hallmark of many companies and organizations. The round monitor is a geometric series of ice equipment and has a creative design. This custom design is made using a special technology containing LED modules, which allows the formation of ice panels on a certain shape.

The circular ice screen is made in such a way as to fit square modules into a certain case, which are then covered with a decorative edging. Due to this feature, the monitor can be quickly installed and dismantled wherever needed: in shopping and entertainment centers, in restaurants, bars, discos, in airport buildings, railway or bus stations, as well as in banking institutions, cultural, concert and theater venues. The cost of such a product is calculated based on its size, technical characteristics, location, and installation method.